Peace Without Limits (PWL) International is one of the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to defending & protecting peace & human rights. Since its establishment in Dec 2008, it has developed a global reputation for excellence in the field of human rights advocacy, research and developmental peace.

Our vision is for every person to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human rights and other international human rights standards, regardless of religion, race, colour & gender.

We are independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest and religion, we are funded mainly by efforts of our founder & president Mr. Saif Al-Shehhi. Peace Without Limits (PWL) International is now embarking on a major process of development by laying the legal and moral groundwork for developmental peace in order to increase the impact of our human rights work.

Peace Without Limits (PWL) International is also participate in the UNGC under no. 18751


"Generate Development and It will Guarantee you Peace" I believe in the three Noble principles that are guided by the Holy Books of three monotheistic religions and embraced by the great leaders throughout history. I believe in freedom, justice and peace. With the three noble principles I have established a sustainable entity from which has inspired and made significant changes toward peaceful living. This organization have endured and overcome countless difficulties during its early years, however through my efforts I have been able to effectively develop the working principles of this organization; to ensure that we could transpire hope into reaching a world of perfection and innovation.

Since the dawn of humanity, people have built lighthouses to guide ships through stormy weather into reaching shores. But I have taken the challenge of building and structuring lighthouses in drought affected areas and poverty ridden regions with the aim of guiding humanity into its shore of peace development. I came from the Eastern Countries where various arts and sciences first flourished and inspired the world’s greatest minds. This region was the first to introduce the Law of Human Rights 1400 years ago and established a peaceful system of living between all people despite their differences in religion.


We strive to emphasize the importance of raising a culture of Peace through implementing various programs and initiatives that deals against various humanity crimes, and promotes towards humanity freedom, Justice, and Peace developments. In all our endeavors; we strongly believe in our efforts, the strong support of our partners, and eventually we have the blessing from God.


We are looking forward for a world that plays the Rhythm of Peace in all languages, inspiring the peace vision which is guided by and derived from all Holy Books of three monotheistic religions. Our vision is “The development through peace, however without limits”, considering the various humanitarian heritage we will form higher bridges of communications among different nations which will lead us to a true human globalization that can assure true freedom and dignity for Humanity.


Al Shehhi Saif

President & Founder  

Hag Magid Suwar

Vice President  

Heba Hashish

Regional Director (South East Asia Pacific)