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Al-Shehhi Saif

Founder & President of the (PWL) Peace Without Limits International Organization

"Create Development Guarantee you Peace"

I believed in three Noble principles which were guided by all Holy Books of three monotheistic religions, and urged by great leaders since the early age of humanity history.

I believed in Humanitarian Freedom, Social Justice, and Developmental Peace. From the three noble principles I established sustainable entity which inspired and made effective changes towards peaceful live. This organization had faced difficulties and overcome many barriers at the initial stage. However, I have made possible efforts to work effectively on the development of the working principles of this organization; to ensure that we could develop the hope of reaching world of perfection and innovation.

Since the binging of humanity history, people used to build lighthouses on sea shore to guide ships to reach ports, but I have taken the challenge of building and structuring lighthouses in drought prone areas and poverty ridden regions with the aim of guiding the human world to reach the shore of peace development. I am from the Eastern Countries where various arts and sciences inspired the world's greatest minds. This region was the first to endorse the law of Human Rights before 1400 years and created peaceful system of living among all people despite the differences in religions.

Today, through Peace Without Limits (PWL) International Organization I am looking forward to the day when my country; particularly the Eastern Countries and in general the entire world to live harmoniously and peacefully compared to many decades when people used to live in peace, as there was no differences between a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew, we all pray to one God who has a majestic name: "Al-Salaam", he asked us to create the path to freedom, to liberty, and to contentment. Since my childhood, I loved "Green" color which symbolizes development, growth and peace.

I truly look forward for the Green color to dominate the color of drought prone and poverty ridden areas in the entire world. I believe that Peace and Collaborative Development is not limited to conferences, seminars and programs, but also this requires developing the peace values and peace knowledge within community and oneself. We being Peace advocates we emphasize Peace Development as a Right, and encourage society towards a commitment to enhance the confidence of developing the value of humanitarian freedom, social Justices, and developmental peace.