PWL Logo

Mission / Vision

"The development through peace, however without limits"


Our work in all sincerity and transparency and integrity to draw best practices in development, peace-making a real change in religions peace, women and children peace, and the environment peace building, our peace initiatives, programs and conferences message no to wars, no to arms race nor terrorism nor to colonize and seize the freedom and dignity of human beings; Yes to equality, democracy and social justice and liberty.

Our work and we believe in our ability and our partners and are determined to innovate with the help of the Lord Almighty.


We are looking forward for a world that plays the Rhythm of Peace in all languages, inspiring the peace vision which is guided by and derived from all Holy Books of three monotheistic religions. Our vision is "The development through peace, however without limits", considering the various humanitarian heritage we will form higher bridges of communications among different nations which will lead us to a true human globalization that can assure true freedom, dignity and peace for Humanity.