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Organization Profile

The organization was founded on 20 Dec 2008, own self - imposed thoughts financing and personal effort of Al-Shehhi Saif, the founder and supreme president as an international non-profit organization with legal corporate status, also participation of the united nations global compact under no. 18571.

Strive adhere to the slogan of (Human & Social Justice Freedom & Peace Development), developmental peace, religion peace, human rights, women and children peace, globalization humanity, culture and arts and the dialogue of cultures and civilizations.

The organization's board of trustees, composed of international personalities to them humanitarian contributions and interests of peace and development. And organization partnerships and programmes and projects and initiatives in many countries in the Arab world, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. In all aspects of development have earned our admiration and our appreciation and acclaim from many international organizations, governments, universities, research center and un figures.

The headquarters of the organization at Geneva, also there is an office in ASEAN group in the Republic of the Philippines & Regional Headquarters for middle east Jordan & headquarters representative in the GCC through the center of the earth in peace country U.A.E.. The North Africa regional headquarters is in Tunisia, and we are present in all countries of the world through our partners from international organizations, humanitarian bodies and institutions dealing with development and humanitarian action.

The organization believes in dialogue and development as a means to achieve its noble objectives and established values and principles